5 Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

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5 Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Although it’s not brand new, there are still questions and misconceptions many have about regenerative medicine, which is why the longevity consultants from London Regenerative Institute wanted to collect today’s most accurate information here about regenerative medicine and advanced therapy.

What Exactly is Longevity & Regenerative Medicine?

In the simplest of terms, longevity treatments and regenerative medicine take advantage of your body’s natural growth factors to expedite its healing processes. It helps your body repair and rebuild tissue much faster, as well as providing relief from painful chronic issues. Regenerative medicine is used by a range of people, from all-star athletes that need their bodies in top shape ASAP to those that want to slow the aging process.

There are a number of different popular treatments that can be used to slow osteoarthritis, speed up postsurgical repair, and help heal acute and soft tissue injuries.

1. A Holistic Healing Approach

One of the leading advantages of regenerative medicine is it isn’t even really medicine at all, not in the traditional sense at least. All of the components used in regenerative medicine come from your very own body, meaning there are minimal side effects and treatments can help you manage pain without the necessity of opioids or other pain medication. Of course, those with more potent chronic aches and pains may still need to take medication but it minimises the need for taking addictive medicine for pain management.

2. Complementary Approach to Treatment

Longevity and regenerative treatments often work well in tandem with other treatments and can often increase their overall success rate. Often regenerative medicine will be employed along with physical therapy, massage, and hot and cold treatments that will likely be more successful and reduce your pain.

3. Minimally Invasive

When you visit a longevity consultant for regenerative medicine, you can rest assured that most treatments are minimally invasive. There’s no complicated surgery. In most cases, all you’ll need to undergo is a simple injection.

4. No Side Effects

With regenerative medicine, unlike other treatments you won’t have to worry about side effects. This is because longevity specialists use the stem cells and plasma already existent in your body to treat your injuries, so there are little to no negative effects from the treatment.

5. Benefits a Variety of Health Conditions

Regenerative medicine offers solutions and relief for a long list of health ailments such as orthopaedic injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, degenerative diseases, diabetes, and can even regenerate skin cells and restore hair growth in balding men.

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