5 Signs You May Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy

5 Signs You May Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy

5 Signs You May Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones, the messengers of our body, orchestrate a delicate balance that affects our physical well-being and emotional landscape. However, this equilibrium can be disrupted by factors such as ageing, medical conditions, or even genetics. The resulting hormonal imbalances might trigger a range of discomforts and symptoms that impact our quality of life. If you’ve been grappling with unexplained shifts in mood, energy, or physical health, you’re not alone. We at the London Regenerative Institute tell you five telltale signs that could indicate your potential benefit from hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a solution designed to restore harmony within your body and rekindle your vitality.

You are 40 Years Old or More

On average, the typical age of menopause is around 51 years old. However, it’s crucial to recognise that symptoms may arise many years before this stage. Often, women in their 40s observe shifts in their menstrual cycles, experiencing increased heaviness or irregularity due to fluctuations in oestrogen levels. If this is a symptom you’re experiencing, let your specialist know during your pre-treatment screening process for HRT.

You Experience Hot Flashes

No one likes waking up in a hot sweat at night. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common effects of menopause, and it affects a large percentage of women. Daytime hot flashes can dent a woman’s self-assurance. It’s crucial to note that while these occurrences are common during menopause, they shouldn’t be brushed off as ordinary or insignificant.

Reducing the Risk of Age-Related Diseases

Although not a traditional treatment for those struggling with age-related disease or chronic issues like Alzheimer’s or osteoporosis, hormone replacement has shown marked success in being a proactive method in minimizing and preventing such diseases. Since oestrogen is one of the key elements that maintain bone metabolism in the body and helps bones form new cells, preventative anti-aging treatment methods can help increase your health span in addition to delaying the onset of age-related diseases.

You are Experiencing Anxiety or Depression Symptoms

Hormones serve as messengers within the brain, and shifts in their levels can trigger alterations in emotions and moods. When mood shifts arise without a specific trigger, fluctuating oestrogen and progesterone levels may play a role. Coupled with symptoms such as disrupted sleep, this situation fuels an already challenging situation. Hormone replacement therapy steps in to elevate these hormone levels, frequently leading to anxiety-related feelings.

Pain During Intercourse

Experiencing discomfort during sex is a prevalent issue. Oestrogen is once again at the centre, responsible for maintaining vaginal elasticity and lubrication. Reduced levels of this hormone lead to a condition known as vaginal atrophy, marked by dryness and inflammation of the vaginal walls. In revitalising these tissues, hormone replacement therapy plays a beneficial role.

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