Top Benefits of Regenerative Treatment in London

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Top Benefits of Regenerative Treatment in London

These days, there are a number of ways to revitalise your body and slow the ageing process, including regenerative medicine. However, if you’re unsure of what it can do for you, London Regenerative Institute has collected some of the foremost advantages and treatments in use today.

Here are a few of the benefits of regenerative treatment in London.

Regenerative Medicine: What it is & How it Works

Regenerative medicine concerns revitalising the body’s natural healing abilities to help restore damaged tissue and cells. Although it has been around for some time it’s still considered an emerging form of medicine. For example, those healing from an injury can take advantage of regenerative treatments such as plasma injection and stem cell therapy to recover more quickly.

4 Advantages of Regenerative Medicine

1. No Side Effects

One of the top benefits of regenerative medicine is that it doesn’t have any side effects like other medical or pharmaceutical treatments. This is because your own stem cells or platelets are used (if receiving plasma injection). Both the former and the latter are removed from your body and injected directly into the injury site to heal your body faster.

2. Aids in Many Health Conditions

Regenerative medicine is versatile when it comes to the range of health conditions it’s designed to treat. Stem cell therapy and plasma injection can relieve pain and jumpstart the healing process for a number of degenerative diseases as well as musculoskeletal injuries. The treatments have also been proven to do everything from rejuvenating skin to restoring hair growth for those that are going bald.

3. Chronic Pain Relief

Those suffering from chronic conditions can benefit from regenerative healing procedures. This is because such treatments prevent scar tissue from forming, build new tissue, and reduce inflammation. Soft tissue injuries like torn tendons and sprained muscles benefit the most from regenerative medicine.

4. Boost Slow-Healing Tissues

Not all of the tissues in the body heal at the same rate. Some heal slower than others and for injuries to these, regenerative medicine has shown great results. For those that are older and whose bodies don’t heal as quickly, it can provide a faster path to recovery. More severe muscular injuries also take longer to heal and can benefit from stem cell therapy or plasma treatments. Some tissues, especially in the lower extremities, may have poor blood supply and will benefit from regenerative medicine if injured as well.

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