What is Biofiller, and Why is it More Effective for Facial Rejuvenation?

What is Biofiller, and Why is it More Effective for Facial Rejuvenation?

What is Biofiller, and Why is it More Effective for Facial Rejuvenation?

As the quest for youthful, rejuvenated skin persists, advancements in cosmetic procedures have unveiled an innovative solution: Biofiller, an exceptional Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedure. This cutting-edge technique harnesses the body’s own resources to address facial folds, wrinkles, and volume loss, offering a natural alternative to conventional dermal fillers like Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

That’s why the team of longevity experts from London Regenerative Institute has highlighted some key aspects of the science and favourable benefits of this revolutionary treatment for you here.

Understanding Biofiller

Biofiller is a specialised PRP procedure that extracts a patient’s blood to create an injectable product. This autologous procedure boasts technological sophistication, delivering natural-looking facial aesthetics results by smoothing facial imperfections caused by ageing, illness, or weight loss. Unlike HA fillers, Biofiller demonstrates superior biomechanical and bioactive properties, promoting soft tissue restoration and regeneration in a single procedure.

Procedure Insights

Utilising a stable plasma gel derived from the patient’s blood, Biofiller is adept at facial rejuvenation, treating static and dynamic lines, tear through rejuvenation, and ageing skin in various body areas. It not only restores volume akin to HA fillers but also offers enhanced adaptability to dynamic facial expressions, minimising the risk of lump formation.

Benefits that Stand Out

This revolutionary procedure incorporates regenerative medicine technologies, combining a stable albumin gel, fibrin network, and platelet-released growth factors. Its advantages are compelling:

  • 100% patient-derived materials mitigate the risk of allergic reactions or rejection.
  • Improved tolerance compared to HA fillers ensures a smoother experience.
  • Acts as a biological reset, revitalising tissues and enhancing cellular regeneration.
  • Offers superior mechanical properties for long-term volume restoration.

Crafting Biofiller

The Biofiller creation process involves drawing a small volume of the patient’s blood, like a standard blood test. Advanced platelet-concentrating devices and centrifugation isolate platelets and plasma, creating PRP. Through activation and gelation protocols, a stable plasma gel forms, eventually combined with high platelet-dose PRP, resulting in the patient’s personalised Biofiller, prepared within just 30 minutes of blood collection.

Application and Outcomes

Administered under the skin using a blunt tip microcannula, Biofiller injections are minimally invasive, causing less trauma and delivering effective volume restoration. Its advantages over needles include reduced pain, access to multiple areas via a single entry point, and a significantly lower risk of bruising or injury to blood vessels or nerves. Immediate visible results coupled with ongoing PRP-driven tissue regeneration make this procedure a highly favourable choice, typically taking less than 30 minutes and ensuring minimal complications for most patients.

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By leveraging the body’s innate potential, Biofiller stands as a beacon in the realm of cosmetic enhancements, harmonising science, and nature to redefine the pursuit of ageless beauty.

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