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LRAge is the most comprehensive and accurate longevity testing method, with over 10,000 patients already tested.

Core Longevity Screening
  • LRAge PACE
  • Skin Analysis
  • 3D Body Analysis
  • Personalised Suggestions
In & Out Screening
  • LRAge
  • Skin Analysis
  • 3D Body Analysis
  • Blood Test
  • Health Status Questionaire
  • Unique Detoxification Programme
  • Realself Review
  • Elizabeth L.
  • Jeanie S

Explore What Your DNA Tells About You

LRAge can break down to what part of your ageing is due to years vs what you can control with your everyday habits. Based on the results, LRI will provide personalised action points for healthy living.

Biological Age

Different from how old you are, it shows how old our cells are.

Pace of Ageing

Tells you how many biological years you are ageing per year.

Telomere Length

Indicates how our cells age and the risk factor for chronic diseases.

Mitotic Clock

Another vital indicator of the quality of your ageing.

Weight Loss Response

Helps individuals identify their weight-loss response to caloric restriction.

Skin Age Report

Find out hydration, uniformness, acne, pores, line scores and more about your skin quality.

3D Body Scan

Get a complete picture of your body type.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Supports the data-backed science with your preferences.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Our longevity consultants will suggest a unique plan.

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Tunc Tiryaki

As the initial step of your longevity treatment journey, LRI’s screening is designed to explore your unique needs to optimise your health.

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Your DNA – Your Destiny – It’s in Your Hands

LRAge is a groundbreaking test that identifies your Biological Age – how old your cells and physical systems are, compared to your chronological age.

Biological age is the best single metric to show long-term health, and it shows how fast your cells and systems are ageing, compared to your birthday. If you are ageing slower, you will likely be healthier, heal faster, and look and feel younger. Similar to a “clock”, with longevity treatments in London ageing can be accelerated or slowed due to one’s lifestyle.

Your DNA Your Destiniy
Realise your full potential

Realise Your Full Potential

Our longevity treatments in London are driven by the powerful insights of the patient’s epigenetic test, surpassing all previous molecular biomarkers in accuracy when it comes to predicting health span and lifespan. With the ability to correlate to aging-related conditions, it provides unparalleled precision in guiding your journey towards optimal health and longevity.

You can control 60% of the ageing rate factors.

Embark on Your Longevity Journey with LRI: Seize today, for a healthier tomorrow!.

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    Backed by science, LRI Longevity Screening is the most advanced and accurate epigenetics test. The personalised screening process uncovers your unique needs to optimise your health and longevity approach.

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