LRI Philosophy

We Are the Pioneers of Longevity and Regenerative Treatments

The London Regenerative Institute (LRI) brings together cutting-edge and contemporary medicine with individualised treatment protocols to reverse the flow of time.

Founded by pioneering plastic surgeons Tunc Tiryaki and Steve Cohen, who have dedicated much of their careers to regenerative research, The London Regenerative Institute innovates and applies the latest longevity applications.


LRI is the master brand, sharing its unique know-how faculty and treatment modalities with accredited satellite centres in world re-known clinics and Corinthia Hotels Group.


Our Mission

We aim to merge cutting-edge and contemporary medicine as individualized treatment protocols to reverse the flow of time for our patients with our holistic approach.

Stairway to Eternal Youth

The story of London Regenerative Institute started with two scientists, Steven Cohen and Tunc Tiryaki, who have dedicated much of their professional career to provide the keys to a longer and healthier life in search of eternal youth.

2006 was a milestone when Dr Cohen and Dr Tiryaki started working on expanding the possibilities of regenerative therapies with fat-derived stem cells. Their longevity journey brought them to collaborate with Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. – San Diego.


Education & Publications



Edited by Steven R. Cohen, MD; Tunc Tiryaki, MD; Patrick L. Tonnard, MD, PhD; Alexis M. Verpaele, MD, PhD


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