Transform Your Health With The Right Longevity Plan

After completion of your initial longevity screening, our longevity consultants will advise you on which membership type and treatments would be best suited for you.

We understand each individual has unique needs and longevity goals. That’s why each membership type will offer a selection of personalised treatments that cater to your individual needs.

Take a step today to achieve optimal health through a holistic approach with LRI longevity pioneers.

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Your Plan May Include:

  • Nutrition & Health Consultation
  • Biohacking Treatments

    – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    – Altitude Training

    – Personalised IV Drip

    – IV Drip-Immune Boost

    – IV Drip-Royal Shot

    – Medical Acupuncture

    – Reflexology

    – Ozone Therapy

  • Daily Tracking
  • Wearable Band
  • CGM
  • DNA Repair+Senolytic Treatments
  • Follow up Health Screening

    – LRAge

    – Blood Test

    – Consultation

    – 3D Body Scan

    – Skin Analysis

  • Skin Rejuvenation

    – Skin Regeneration Treatment

    – Embryonic Rejuvenation Cure

    – Hydrafacial

    – Radiofrequency (w/exosome)

    – Exosome Microneedling

    – IPL


Longevity Starter


Longevity Elite


Longevity Premier


Notice The Change Every Single Day

At London Regenerative Institute, we are committed to helping you achieve your longevity goals while you enjoy your years at your best.

With your preferred plan, you will have access to a combination of the latest longevity treatments and regenerative medicine techniques that will make you feel truly empowered in every part of your life.

Notice the Change
  • Realself Review
  • Realself Review

Feel At Your Best Inside Out

We proudly offer a wide range of cutting-edge longevity treatments designed to meet your unique needs. Rather than one-off treatments, you will gain access to various longevity treatments and experience long-term effects on your health.

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Unique To Your Needs

Find out your personal roadmap after the longevity screening.

Level Up With Regenerative Medicine

Benefit from rejuvenation cures and regeneration treatments alongside supplements.


Continuous Monitoring

With the daily tracking band, never stop being in control.

Personalised Health Coaching

Benefit from quarterly checkups about your nutrition and health.


Meet The Leading Longevity Scientist
Steven Cohen

Our membership program is designed to provide you with ongoing support and guidance on your longevity journey.

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Explore How You Can Benefit From Innovative Longevity Treatments

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